Food hygiene is crucial

Human health depends upon safe and healthy food and water. All kind of food from a farm to the consumer goes through various processes. There are many potential health hazards present while handling, processing and storage of food, till it reaches to consumer. It is important for the government regulatory bodies, organizations and companies dealing with food items to ensure that whatever is delivered to end user is free of any kind of contaminants and will not cause any illness and harm to the consumer. Any food item for example an apple or a tomato starts from a farm, stored and  processed, packaged and labeled and finally to consumers out lets like Walmart, Kmart Safeway etc. till it reaches to a kitchen of a consumer. During all this process a need of much disciplined handling of food items is required. The consequences of unsafe food items reaching in the hands of consumer can be extremely serious, therefore food safety management standards of ISO 22000 series guide and help organizations to manage and control all kind of food safety hazards.

ISO 22000 food safety management system is designed for organizations who desire to establish effective and sound system for safe, healthy and consistent production of food items for consumers. All directly or in directly involved organizations, who desire to demonstrate their ability to control food safety hazards which can cause harm to the health and safety of the consumer, can get ISO 22000 certification. The directly involved organizations include food producers, retailers, food and catering services providers, and organizations providing cleaning, transportation, storage and distribution. The indirectly involved companies are supplier of equipment, cleaning agent and packaging material. ISO 22000 certification by these organization provide confidence to all the stakeholders regarding their commitment to health and safety of consumers. It also gives recognition to their business at international level thus increasing their business potentials.

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